Why Sterling

Founded in 1993, Sterling started as a hardware and service sales company. Over the years, Sterling was reborn as a consultancy organization that was recognized as a leader in agile software development and consulting, database administration and IT resourcing.  Our agile principles promoted a disciplined project management process that encouraged frequent inspection, and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encouraged and supported teamwork, self-organization, and accountability. Our engineering best practices intended for the rapid delivery of high-quality software and a business approach that aligned development with our clients’ needs and goals. 

Fast forward in today’s ecosystem, Sterling has evolved into an information security, operational risk consulting and advisory group. We are comprised of advisory and technical teams with over 30+ years of corporate, field and consulting experience.  Our team is skilled at information security consulting and as a result, we are able to demonstrate our vast knowledge of industry standards, benchmarks and best practices that assures the best solution is offered to our clients. 

Sterling is dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex, legal, regulatory and economic environment.  Our consultants anticipate, illuminate and overcome complex business challenges.