Eliminate Malicious Activity and Presence with Automated Incident Response Across all Parts of the Environment


Advanced attackers target the weak spots. Following initial an initial endpoint compromise, the next steps are to expand, gain privileges and access to other resources in your environment to ultimately get to your sensitive data and exfiltrate it to their premises. Prominent part to these attack vectors can be traced only by generated anomalous network traffic.



Cynet Network Analytics continuously monitors network traffic to detect and block otherwise invisible malicious activity.


Cynet provides a pre-built remediation toolset for each entity type: file, host, network and user.

With these pre-built remediation and incident response tools, Cynet accelerates and optimizes incident response workflows, equipping security teams with full remediation arsenal without ever needing to shift from Cynet’s console.


Cynet can expand its pre-built remediation and combine them with user-cerated scripts that communicate with core environment components such as firewalls and active directory as part of a large scale response orchestration workflows.

Continuously Elevate Response Workflows
with Automated Playbooks

Cynet empowers responders to accelerate their workflows by defining automated response playbooks for various attack scenarios. Any pre-set or custom remediation action can be saved as a playbook either by itself, or chained with other remediation actions. Cynet automated playbooks ensure that manual response will take place only when necessary.